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Technology Poverty

Technology Poverty

What Is It?

To eliminate technology poverty we need to fully understand it.

Technology poverty occurs when organizations use out-dated systems, including hardware and software; under-utilize the systems they have; or don't have the proper information systems, security solutions, or the internal know-how to effectively use them.  
Any of these circumstances limit what an organization can achieve in delivering on its mission.

Is your organization experiencing technology poverty?
  • Are you finding you haven’t utilized your computer programs to achieve your organizational needs?
  • Do you know if your data, client and funder information is secure?
  • Do you find it challenging and time consuming to get statistics compiled for reporting?
How can Ignitech support your organization?
  • We can work with you to see how your organization works and provide an in depth assessment of your IT strengths and weakness, and provide you with solutions to enhance your organizations IT capabilities
  • If you already have a great IT firm, we can take a look and make sure that your programs work efficiently and able to help you achieve your organizational mission.  
  • Subscribe to Ignitech's Community Service Desk to receive the best IT support from experts with experience in delivering effective solutions at the most reasonable cost and have access to preferred vendors to ensure that you are getting the products your organization needs and not overpaying


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