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Community Service Desk

Community Service Desk

At Technology Helps, we provide our non-profit agency partners with efficient solutions to improve their present workflow by utilizing innovative technologies available today.

  • Online Helpdesk and remote assistance – We don’t set all this up and walk away, if you have a problem call us! We can remote into your computer and assist and if we need to we will pay you a visit to get you up and running

  • Evaluation of office systems and IT policies and procedures – let’s work with you to make sure you have all the processes and procedures in place to keep things running safely and securely

  • IT budget analysis and creation – all this costs money and having a proper budget is a proactive way to ensure that your organization is prepared for the year’s IT needs

  • Access to training materials – These systems will require that you learn a few things, but we promise to help you along the way! 

  • Security and Antivirus – we have your back and want to keep your environment safe and secure so if there is a question if your information is secure than this is a must have


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