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Stay Safe Program

Stay Safe Program

Stay Safe Program  

Risk-Based Cybersecurity for Non-Profits

Technology Helps's Stay Safe Security Program combines best practices and leading information security frameworks to develop a tailored enterprise information security program.

Following industry best practices the Stay Safe Program has been optimized for quick and powerful deployment within a non-profit space. It can boost data security, meet compliance (PCI, FOIP, PIPA) requirements and achieve policy objectives. 

The Stay Safe Security Program uses a data-centric approach that begins by with working with
the client to identify the data, it's value, how it's used, accessed and stored. The Program will then be adapted and tailored to address the data discovered.

An internal bookshelf will be created to help provide straegic and operational guidance
to the organziation. Security does not stop once deployment is completed; a complete program 
needs to stay up to date with ever changing threats. 


Our Security Solutions

Eliminate the hassle of understanding and meeting compliance.   
Drive adoption and iterative maturation of your IT governance program.  
World-class security at a fraction of the cost of maintaining internal experts.

 Common Areas Covered

  • IT Policies and Safe Practices
  • Firewalls and Networks
  • Malware and Malicious Attacks
  • Virus Protection
  • Updates and Software Patches
  • Encryption and Authentication
  • Backups and Safe Storage
  • Equipment and Mobile Device Safety
  • User Training and Education 

Risk Analysis

The first stage in the Stay Safe Program deployment is to gain a detailed understanding of the business and its data. This includes detailed data analysis, infrastructure overview, governance structure, compliance standards, and overall organization. 

Gap Analysis

Leveraging the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework, the Stay Safe Program will perform a control assesment and analysis of the environment. 



Develop Security Bookshelf

Based on the information gathered in the programs deployment, a customized "information security bookshelf" is deployed for the organization. This can consist of policies, reponse plan, processes and information that comprise a formal security program.  

Planning and Mitigation

This stage will provide a road map to drive the maturity of information security in your organization. Any gaps or deficiencies found to date will also be logged and with the organization's permission, addressed as required by compliance, organization policy or industry best practices. 

Continous Improvement

The Stay Safe Program does not end after completion of the inidal deployment. Reoccurring risk and gap analysis combined with monitoring provides an updated and current overview of the security landscape. Ensuring that the program stays relevant and current to the ever changing threats as well as organization changes. 

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