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Who We Are

Who We Are

Technology Helps

Working with non-profits to provide secure effective IT support.

Technology Helps is a non-profit that works with other non-profits to enhance and maintain proper, secure IT solutions.

Our Story

Technology Helps was founded in 2016 as a non-profit by people who have worked and volunteered in the non-profit sector and bring a commitment to reducing the technological poverty that is often felt by many non-profit organizations.

After experiencing various non-profits who are "doing more with less" the founders realized that this is a reality for many non-profits and believe that non-profits make a world of difference in our communities, and would be able to affect more change in our communities if the technology that they utilize would meet their needs.

IT services are not easily accessible within many funding models and so often computers that are being used are out of date and failing, causing loss of data, or software is not complete to help reduce costs, making it difficult to achieve goals because of slow inefficient systems, or worse, confidential data is not properly secured leaving client and funders information accessible and unsecured. Our goal is to work with each organization and see what is working and what needs improvement and work with organizations to get their IT services working efficiently. 


Now you are thinking, our funders don’t allow for enough operational dollars to cover luxuries such as new computers or fancy software.  

Behind the scenes of Technology Helps IT support team, we are also speaking with funders and donors, educating them about how technological poverty is hurting non-profits or in many cases leaving them vulnerable to viruses, hacks, or confidential data getting into the wrong hands. It’s time that the organizations that are helping so many, get some help to ignite their IT solutions.


To end technology poverty in the non-profit and charitable sector.


A non-profit sector that thrives through the adoption of strategic enterprise technology solutions.

Equality & Fairness

We know that non-profits make a difference in our communities, and we want to make that difference for the non-profits. We are all about providing cost-effective IT solutions to meet your organization’s needs; offering them access to the right technology and IT support so that their organization can make the greatest impact.

Cooperation & Collaboration

We can’t do this alone, we need you, and we all need support from our funders. So while we support your organization in IT solutions, we are also collaborating with funders to make them aware of existing IT poverty, and providing solutions to bridge the gap by providing effective solutions to eliminate technological poverty.  

Technology Literacy

When it comes to IT sometimes you may not even know that there are more effective ways to make things work for you. We will see what is working for you, what isn’t working for you and provide alternatives and education on how to improve processes which allow your organization to continue doing what it is great at. 

Technology to ignite your cause.