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Technology Capacity

Technology Capacity

 By working together, we to meet the needs of our community.

Community Technology Partners Program

 When it comes to technology, there is a chasm between the non-profit sector and the for-profit sectors. Despite significant volunteer efforts (est. nearly 2 billion hours across Canada in 2016), and generous donations, the gap remains and continues to widen. There are many reasons how we got here but it needs not persist. 

In early 2016, non-profit Ignitech was formed to level the playing field with one goal in mind, to end technology povery in the non-profit sector. The non-profit community has emrbaced this initiative and numerous organizations have seen improvements in service efficiency, technology spending, security, reliability, scalability, and flexibility. For non-profits in need of an investment for
mission-critical technology, we have developed the Community Technology Partners Program. 

How it works:

Ignitech works by assesing the current technology situation and organizational goals, then develops an IT strategy for the organization, where we identify and scope specific technology projects required to move them toward their defined goals. 

We work with corporate partners, foundations, and individuals to invest in the non-profit and provide technology, along with funding skilled volunteers, in order to complete the project. Our volunteers are treated as pro-bono consultants, using their technical specialization, on a professionally managed time-boxed project.  

Benefit to Agency Partners (Non-profits)

  • Increased ability to deliver programs and operate effectively: #dogoodbetter
  • Vital assistance from and relationship with a community-minded corporate partner.
  • Increased technological sophistication through state-of-the-art technology solutions.
  • Create a stable platform which would promote service quality improvement. This will position the agency to attract more support for their work. 

Benefit to Corporate Partners 

  • Opportunity to have significant impact on the community's well-being at a time of advertisity, as an innovative solution provider. Amplify your current investment with skilled volunteering.
  • Technology skill-based volunteerism - use your valuable resources and IT skill to strengthen non-profits engaged in a cause you care about.
  • Enhances team morale and company culture by providing group volunteer activities ( IT-related or otherwise), thus improving employee retention and brand awareness as well as further their profesional and personal development.
  • Offers valuable networking opportunities with clients, prospects, and partners.
  • Enables you to build your brand among Ignitech supporters while doing good works in the community - a smart investment of your marketing, sales, and philanthropic budgets. 

Technology to ignite your cause.