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Technology Capacity

Technology Capacity

At Technology Helps,

we help make things easier.

  • Develop IT policies and procedures – Let’s get your IT policies and procedures up to date. This is critical with organizations who are hiring, and also gives peace of mind to Boards to know that there is a mechanism in place to ensure that steps are being followed in terms of IT solutions
  • Office 365 migration – need to get your team on one system, O365 is great for that and we can get you all collaborating in no time! 
  • Analytics and reporting – Do you dread reporting time because your stats are a challenge to compile? This service works with you in simplifying collecting and analyzing data
  • Backup of data – The data of your organization is critical to its success, so let’s make sure your information is backed up in the case of a loss
  • IT risk management and business continuity plan – what happens when you can’t get in your office do to an unforeseen issue? How does your business continue serving, let us develop a plan for your risk management & business continuity
  • Software selection – there are so much software out there, but which will meet your organization’s needs, let us help you
  • Mobile phone and device management – Are you and your team mobile and utilizing cell phones or tablets? Let us make sure these devices are keeping data secure, and that you are getting best value for these services
  • Implementation and management of print servers and printer management – for the bigger organizations, this is critical, so when you print a document you know exactly which printer has printed your document
  • Phone assessment and recommendation – phones, fax, and voicemail are an everyday and they have advanced so much to make things easier for you, let us work to simplify what you need 
  • Social Media Packages – this social media thing isn’t going anywhere so let’s get your organization in the mix