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Technology Poverty

Technology Poverty


To eliminate technology poverty we need to fully understand it.

Technology poverty occurs when organizations use out-dated systems, including hardware and software; under-utilize the systems they have; or don't have the proper information systems, security solutions, or the internal know-how to effectively use them.  
Any of these circumstances limit what an organization can achieve in delivering on its mission.

Our agency partners suffer from technology poverty in many ways. 

  • Nonprofits tend to use computer programs which have not been updated for many years, leaving all existing data vulnerable to modern cyber attacks. 
  • Lack of updated technology causes our agency partners to  do more with less.
  • With no real way to measure their impact, it becomes harder for our agency partners to help the community.

We have been helping our agency partners fulfill their potential. 

We realize that when an organization lack the means to measure their impact, it becomes overwhelming.

An organization's inability to measure their impact can lead to constrained investment and lack of funding interest, resulting in technology deficiency, or the inability to obtain the necessary technology and people who can assist them, thus impairing the organization to various risks (like cyberattacks), producing unwanted outcomes. 

At Technology Helps, we help by uniting our agency partners to the right technology and the right people.

We start by providing a full diagnosis on what our agency partner needs, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and providing solutions that would enhance their capabilities to its maximum capacity.
Because of the gap in the sector, there is lack of effective security systems in place, and this risks everyone's information from attacks, so we bridge our capable corporate partners to help our agency partners. 






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